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Dixit Dominus

On 6th June 2014, the choir performed Handel’s Dixit Dominus in a programme of baroque choral music by Handel and Purcell. They were joined by outstanding young vocal soloists Emily Owen & Robyn Donnelly (soprano), Katie Coventry (mezzo), Robbie Jacobs (tenor) and David Le Prevost (Bass) and players from the superb Little Baroque Company performing on period instruments with gut strings. The programme, which also included Handel’s Coronation Anthem My heart is indicting and I was glad by Purcell, gave the audience a flavour of choral music as it was performed in 17th & 18th century London. Both composers made a unique contribution to the cultural life of the capital during this time, thrilling London audiences with their operas and filling Westminster Abbey with their music for the coronations of James II (in the case of Purcell) and George I (Handel).

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